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July 17, 2017
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Winter Sun Exposure: Protect Your Vehicle

Protect Your Vehicle


Living in Utah, we enjoy four full seasons a year – although for some, winter can feel like it will never end. Despite our harsh winters of ice and blizzards, Utah still manages to get 222 days of sunshine on average each year. For car owners, this fact is especially important to note because even when it’s biting cold outside, the suns UV rays can be extremely damaging to your skin, as well as to the interior of your car.


At Tint Specialists, we have found that the most neglected area of sun exposure is glass due to vehicle owners’ common misperception that glass alone is enough protection from sun damage. As experts on automotive window tinting in Utah, Tint Specialists will tell you that this belief is extremely false. Glass can actually magnify the affects of sun exposure, putting you, passengers, belongings in your vehicle, and your vehicle interior at risk of extreme sun damage. In Utah especially, UV rays from the sun are also known to reflect off of snow and ice surfaces, therefore multiplying risk. Even the light itself can be nearly blinding. Also important to know is that even in colder months, sun exposure will increase the temperature of your car interior.


With repeated exposure to the suns UV rays in Utah’s winter months, drivers must know that damage is inevitable. The only way you can prevent this damage is by shielding yourself and your vehicle with automotive window tint options at Tint Specialists. Think of window film like sunscreen for you and your vehicle. Each tint option carried is guaranteed to reduce UV rays by 99%, almost eliminating the risks of sun exposure completely. You can never be too safe as a driver in Utah, especially during our harsh winter months.


Don’t wait until winter to act – take advantage of the benefits car window film offers Utah drivers now, and protect the things you care about most. Utah’s car window tinting professionals at Tint Specialists will leave you feeling confident that you and your vehicle are receiving protection you need no matter the season.

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