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August 1, 2017
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Tint Technology: How It Works

Tint Technology

Many people have no knowledge of the technology behind window tinting and how it keeps your home, business, or vehicle cool – just that window tint looks cool. Lucky for you, Tint Specialists is here to tell you exactly how window tint is able to provide you with solutions while traveling, or in the comfort of your own home or business.


Window film is typically made with a certain type of polyester due to its clarity, strength, and ability to be successfully applied to exterior and interior surfaces. There are also a variety of shades, colors, and thicknesses available to consumers which provide solutions to any challenge. In this sense, rather than upgrading existing windows, window film is a simple fix for problems such as heat and glare, UV ray filtration, privacy, and more.


With new ceramic technology, films reduce the amount of radiation both visible and non-visible, entering a window. Also, as UV rays are one of the main sources of fading, films help protect the contents of a room or vehicle from fading – not to mention, films will help protect you and your loved ones from these harmful rays. Films can also block certain wavelengths altogether and reject heat without reducing the amount of natural light that enters a space. No worries, there is no need to sacrifice your homes beautiful natural lighting for cooler temperatures, privacy, etc.


If temperature in your home, office building, or vehicle is your main area of concern, window films are able to increase insulation. Therefore, they give thermal comfort, are cost-efficient for consumers, and are an environmentally-friendly energy enhancement.


Is security the issue for you? Security films, typically applied to commercial glass, are made of heavy-duty plastic and are intended to keep the glass intact even when broken from strong impacts. Tint Specialists recommend security film especially for business owners who want to maintain the safety and security of their space.


No matter your concern, window tint technology can solve even your most complex dilemma. With this amazing new technology, no home, business, or vehicle owner is forced to sacrifice their health, safety and security, comfort, or wallet. Stop by the shop today to see for yourself how this film works and how it can help you.

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