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February 18, 2018
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Common mistakes for car tinting

It has been proven in practice that tinted windows reduce the temperature inside the car to up to 60 percent. Not only do the tinted windows give your car a custom sleek look, they also shield 99 percent of ultraviolet rays. Here are two very typical common mistakes for car tinting.



Common Mistakes for Car Tinting #1 – Use of Bad Products

When it comes to quality of products for window tinting, you want to avoid low-quality window tinting film, because not only that they don’t provide good results for the cars, they also peel and lose the UV protection properties much faster. Due to that, you will be forced to replace the tint film more often, which will cost you more in the long run and at best you may get a little extra shade inside the vehicle.

Therefore, you need to make sure the installer uses high-quality tint, resistant to ultraviolet and infrared rays. You want the tint on your car windows to last as long as possible and protect the inside of your vehicle and also its passengers from the terrible effects of the sun. As car tinting experts at Tint Specialists, we are looking out for your best interest.


Mistake #2 – Not knowing the regulations

Each state has specific regulations in regard to window tint, including what clarity levels and colors are allowed on windows. For DIY windows tinting, you need to spend the time researching the regulations, and the chances are that you may negligently disregard some of the rules.

All in all, you should not put in jeopardy your safety for the sake of a bit more money in the bank. Window tinting is a venture best left to the professionals. Tint Specialists in Salt Lake City, Utah will ensure that your vehicle will look its best and protect you from the suns harmful rays.

common mistakes for car tinting

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