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August 7, 2018
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3 DIY Car Projects You Can Start on Today

Whether you’ve never tinkered with your car or you’re a seasoned backyard mechanic, DIY projects can make a big impact and don’t have to be complicated or expensive. While general maintenance like oil changes and tune-ups can get a little boring, these DIY car upgrades can give major results. Family and friends may not even believe you did it yourself!

Headlight Replacement

This is a pretty easy under-the-hood DIY job that can improve the look of your car but also make it easier for you to drive at night. Many auto parts stores will carry direct-fit headlights or bulbs that are much like the originals. Search for aftermarket headlights that feature LEDs. Projector headlights may also be available for your vehicle.

Simple diagrams, how-to articles, and online videos can show you how to install factory replacement or aftermarket headlights. Be sure to gather all the tools and parts you need before you start. You should disconnect your battery and wear safety glasses as well as disposable nitrile gloves. It is important to label the equipment and products you use so as to be safe, especially if you’re handling chemicals.

Sound System Upgrade

Most won’t be able to see the upgrades you’ve made to your car’s sound system but I’m pretty sure they’ll be able to hear it. Research and design the setup you want. Plan on upgrading to a new head unit in the dash, new speakers for the interior, one or more subwoofers, and an amplifier. The amp can be placed in many locations but the most common is in the trunk where you’ll most likely install the sub.

Just like with the headlight DIY upgrade, you’ll need to disconnect the battery. Plan a path for the wiring to reach all the components of the sound system. This wiring usually comes in a kit making it a lot easier and more convenient.

A New Paint Job

Preparing a car for a new paint job can take some time and a little elbow grease. The prep only requires a lot of sandpaper, or a sanding tool, and a tack cloth. This cloth removes every particle, so the paint is smooth. You will also need to cover the windows and other areas you don’t want to be painted with newspaper or plastic.

An air compressor and paint gun, sometimes called a paint sprayer, will help you lay a few coats each of primer, paint, and clear coat. Be sure to sand the car lightly after every coat and then use a tack cloth. Be sure to wear a mask or respirator as well as safety glasses. Once the job is done, be sure to protect your handiwork with clear paint protection film.

There’s more satisfaction in transforming your car’s appearance and sound when you did it yourself. Plus, you get to save the cash you didn’t spend having it done at a shop, making it even easier to start your next automotive DIY project.

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