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June 25, 2018
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July 6, 2018
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Myths About Window Tinting

You’re probably familiar with window tints for vehicles, but did you know that they are also made for homes and businesses? The purpose is the same: to increase comfort, reduce heat and lower destructive UV rays. Unfortunately, not all window tinting products are of the highest quality. Some consumers have complained of the film bubbling or peeling, while others have said it was obvious looking. While this may be acceptable for a car, it’s not for a home or business.

At AZ Solar Control, we’ve continually advanced and refined our window tinting products to offer our customers the very best. Here are five common myths regarding solar window film and their truths.

Myth #1: Window film bubbles, peels or scratches, making it a bigger headache than it’s worth.

Though past products did have some trouble with these issues, this isn’t the case anymore. Modern films have excellent scratch-resistant coatings, and you may use regular cleaning products on them. Years ago, films lacked these coatings, and when cleaned, they were ruined. Normal cleaning is fine, but manufacturers do recommend avoiding abrasive materials and cleaners.

As far as bubbling and peeling goes, this tends to have more to do with the installer than the product itself. When you choose a company like AZ Solar Control, the film will be installed by highly experienced installers, and the films will not develop gas pockets.

Myth #2: Solar window tinting looks tacky.

Wrong again. Window film is no longer unattractive or tacky looking. In fact, interior designers often recommend solar film to enhance the look of the windows. There are so many solar film products on the market, you can choose virtually any style you wish in terms of design, pattern and dark/light shades. You can also purchase window film that is spectrally selective, transmitting most of the sun’s visible light. No one will even know it’s there!

Myth #3: Warranties for solar film are basically nonexistent. Once something happens, you’re out of luck.

Warranties do vary among companies, but we can say for certain that warranties from AZ Solar Control are as extensive as you can get. Our film warranties cover virtually anything that can happen to the film such as peeling, bubbling, crazing, demetalizing, heat cracks, seal failure and more.

Also, our warranties are not prorated. Say you take out a warranty for 10 years, and your films fail at 9 years. Rather than having to cover some of the expense, you would have the films replaced for no cost.

Myth #4: Window tinting is a luxury. You can live without it.

Okay, we’re not saying that you can’t survive without window film. Obviously, you can. But solar tinting is for more than just looks and comfort. It blocks out harmful UV rays that are bad for your health and your belongings. The sun can fade furniture, window treatments, area rugs, flooring and more. If you’ve invested in your home or are planning to, why not keep your belongings safe?

Additionally, solar film can be used to create more privacy, reduce utility bills, lower energy consumption and protect against glass breakage.

Myth #5: Solar film is a pain to install.

We’d have to agree on this one, but that’s providing you tackle the job yourself. Trying to get the film on tight is difficult, and if you don’t install the film perfectly, you could end up with gas pockets, bubbling and peeling over time.

window tinting

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