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Pros and Cons of Window Tinting

window tinting

Pros and Cons of Window Tinting

As we all know, there are a huge number of upgrades and tweaks that can be made to almost any vehicle. One popular change is tinting your windows. However, before you decide whether or not window tinting is for you, it’s a good idea to look at the pros and cons. Which is exactly what we’ve done for you here for window tinting.
The pros of window tinting
If you decide to tint, here are some benefits you’ll enjoy:
  • Lower temperature inside — This is the most obvious benefit that many car owners think about when deciding to tint their windows. The amount of temperature savings you’ll get depends on the degree of the tint, but if you live in a warm state, even a small difference might be enough.
  • Protection from UV rays — Tinting will also provide a bit of added protection from the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. Like temperature savings, the amount of UV protection depends on how dark the tint is.
  • Deters thieves — Window tinting makes it much harder, if not impossible, for a person to see within your car. This will often help deter a thief who is looking to make a quick grab of anything you may have lying in the seat.
  • Prolongs the interior — By blocking the sun’s ray from reaching the interior of your car, things like leather seats and carpeting will have a longer lifespan. Check out these great car detailing tips for cleaning your seats and carpet.
  • Adds flair — For many people, window tinting adds to the style and overall appearance of the vehicle. Even a less expensive car can look more like a luxury car when it has a tint.

The cons of window tinting

Of course, almost nothing is without its negatives. Tinting your windows also has some negative impacts, such as:
  • More attention from police — Believe it or not, but police like to be able to see inside your vehicle to ensure the public’s safety. If they have any reason to be suspicious, they might pull you over just to be sure.
  • Too much tint — You must be sure that you follow your state’s laws when it comes to the degree of the tint. If it’s too dark, you might find yourself on the wrong side of the law. This can keep your car from passing a state inspection.
  • Lower visibility — Even though window tinting is designed to allow you to see through the windows from the inside, there is definitely a lower visibility. For many people, this isn’t an issue. But for others, it could be a problem to see outside, especially at night, in a covered tunnel, etc.
  • Peels over time — After a while, your tint is going to start peeling. When that happens, it will end up being rather unsightly and you’ll need to have it either redone or removed.

window tinting

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